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We help foreign companies successfully start business in Kazakhstan via local partners, distributors, retailers and wholesalers, clients and customers.

Our Mission

Giving opportunities to expand for all companies who are interested in the market of Kazakhstan, we support foreign companies in achieving their initial goal of global expansion and success in Kazakhstan, and local companies seeking new concept from abroad.

What we do

Intermediary service and advice

About Kazakhstan

In the heart of the "Silk Road"

Due to Kazakhstan’s unique geo-economic position the country is front-and-center to a new impetus to develop Central Asian economies – driven in large part by China’s “New Silk Road” initiative to more efficiently link China and the European Union economies.

9th biggest country in the world

Kazakhstan is the ninth biggest country in the world, and it is also the biggest landlocked country in the world. According to the World Bank, Kazakhstan is now among the world’s top twenty nations that are most attractive for foreign investments, and the presence of global companies such as Chevron, GE, British Gas, Samsung, Chinese National Petroleum Company and others is a vivid proof of that.

Most rapidly developing country in the heart of the Eurasia.

Why choose Negotium for your company?

  • We are always happy when it comes to expanding your business in Kazakhstan
  • We know the market and we know the way to it
  • We know that many people in Kazakhstan are looking for new ideas from abroad and want to realize them into reality
  • We know how to negotiate with local companies with suitable conditions for all parties

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