About Company

We are professional international team which has been providing intermediary services to businesses expanding to the Kazakhstan market. We help foreign companies successfully start business in Kazakhstan via local partners, distributors, retailers and wholesalers, clients and customers.

Why choose Negotium for your company?

  1. We are always happy when it comes to expanding your business in Kazakhstan
  2. We know the market and we know the way to it
  3. We know that many people in Kazakhstan are looking for new ideas from abroad and want to realize them into reality
  4. We know how to negotiate with local companies with suitable conditions for all parties

The benefits of working with us:

  • Time – Looking to expand your business, but don’t have the resources to allocate doing the market research or the time to wait for the next exhibition, trade show, forum, conference, etc.? Let us fulfil that role for you.
  • Money – Instead of investing money in costly trade shows or some kind of event to find potential customers, clients or partners with no guarantee of success, let us make a targeted approach to finding these with our established network.
  • Reduction of Risk – With no guarantee of a positive outcome when you invest time and money into tradeshows, with us you will be able to retain 80% of your investment if there is not an opportunity in the Kazakh market for you at the time.
  •  A tailor-made approach to find your targeted audience, with insurance you won’t lose the majority of your investment – we are the smart choice when it comes to looking to enter the market of Kazakhstan.

Our Mission

Giving opportunities to expand for all companies who are interested in the market of Kazakhstan, we support foreign companies in achieving their initial goal of global expansion and success in Kazakhstan.

Our Values

Transparency of business
We communicate every step we take

Success oriented
We want our clients to be successful and we prioritize that

We value integrity of business and praise honesty among partnership we create

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